Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who are the two AFL wannabe cheerleaders who have...............?

such buck teeth that they could eat an apple through a picket fence?

Who are the two AFL wannabe cheerleaders who have...............?
They go by the name of Flopsy %26amp; Mopsy.

I hope that helps. Otherwise give Beatrix a call, she may know how to contact them.
Reply:gutsache %26amp; Archie, those girls love the attention...shame about the thunder thighs
Reply:ME ME ME!!!!!

Glad you noticed my bucky teeth!!! lol
Reply:All of these clones

I am a Cheer leader for the Kangaroos AFL FC. Can someone tell me where I can get some false buck teeth to wear. I don't want to be conspicuous by not having protruding teeth like the other girls.

I can only find trick plastic ones that stick out a couple of centimetres. I want ones like the other girls whose teeth stick out far more.

Reply:Thayre names are Mary-Lou %26amp; Elly-May. Thay lives with thayre 23 brothers %26amp; sisters in thayre one bedroom shack, in them-thayre hills back of Bendigo - with thayre Ma %26amp; Pa.

Thayre allowed to leave them-thayre hills back of Bendigo once a week to be cheer leeders for the AFL. During the week thayre gotta help Pa with his still %26amp; makin'g moonshine.


Boyfriend problem??

I want to kiss my boyfriend but i need help he is shorter then me and he has buck teeth. it sucks right well he is up to my eye brow. should i lean in for him t kiss me our would it be better to be sitting down? Plzzzzz help!

Boyfriend problem??
It would be better it the two of you are sitting down, if this is the first time the two of you kissed. After that, you will get around the height issue, and standing or sitting you will not have a problem kissing.
Reply:anyway you want just go ahead and kiss him.
Reply:Sitting down sounds like a great idea. Get him on a park bench and go in for the kiss.


I need help finding this video!!??

Do you remeber "The Amanda Show"? I do!! I used to watch it all the time! And I need help finding it when she has buck teeth and says "MAHH HAHHH". Do you know what I'm talking about? I already tried Youtube, and I could'nt find it because I did'nt know how to spell it. Can you spell it and tell me what to type or get a link to one of the videos? Thanks!

I need help finding this video!!??
well if i remember correctly the girls name is Becky, try that
Reply:ya, Courtney

Becky is the baby sitter

ok nvm

sorry i wasnt much help Report It

family nanny

I support NASCAR and the anti-fans are the reason thank you so much!!!!!?

WOO WOO WOOOOO.. I am a die hard NASCAR fan thanks to all you anti-fans who keep posting on here. Infact I am going to start races in my town so that I can burn more gas and go faster and win and have my family come to the races and drink beer and bring my little trailer and make fun of you and take pride in my counrty perfered sports and favorite drivers. You are the inspiration for me. I will be the next big driver just so I can piss you off. If anyone here supports NASCAR give me a HONK HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah anyways I dont sleep with my family members I dont live in a trailer I dont have buck teeth I dont have a disgusting life style. For all you anti fans kiss my shiny white butt. Much love to the fans Hope to see you at PIR in November.

I support NASCAR and the anti-fans are the reason thank you so much!!!!!?
HONKKKKKK. Anti-fans just don't understand what racing really is....strategy. By being able to make the adjustments need to the prefect handling race car takes time, practice, and patience. Anti-fans can call us all "rednecks" if they want but we will all forever stand together and defend NASCAR until we are truly red!
Reply:HONK HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!... I love NASCAR. My room is covered in NASCAR things literaly from roof to the floor.
Reply:HONK HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'll drink a twelve pack of suds and go pee on a spotted owl!!!!
Reply:HONKKKKKKKKK people think just cuz were nascar fans were automatically renecks and alot of us arent but thats what keeps us going, being able to tell ppl off! i mean im a 13 yr old grl injunior high and ppl tell me im crazy when they find out i always go to 2 races a yr (texas april and november) but im a nascar fan and im proud of it!! and no my family is not full of rednecks!
Reply:I am a NASCAR fan.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree. I am also Oracle 8i Certified and have a Certified Financial Planner degree.

I have been Vice President of two different Fortune 500 Companies.

I am a millionaire.

I was raised in northern Ohio and now live in a beautiful suburb of Orlando, FL.

My wife is a former model, a South American true beauty queen. I have only had sex with her these 14 years of marriage, and never had sex with my sister.

I like Indy car racing and NASCAR.

Finally, those who sterotype NASCAR fans (incorrectly) are about as ignorant as the Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans who throw trash and disrespect the other drivers.
Reply:You only have to read some of the answers here,and you wonder why Nascar fans are made fun of.
Reply:I am also a huge NASCAR fan. As I have writen before I amd also an owner. I own stock in Lowe's so I am one of those fans Jimmy Johnson Says taank you to when he wins. To the person with the over sized ego and small mind you all know who I'm talkin about. That person gets his thrills by pushin our buttons and he seems to get answers from people. With a mind like that it has me thinking. I'M SO GLAD I HAVE A HOBBY MORE USEFUL LIKE NASCAR. It is more fullfilling than any thing he does. I am not a red neck but if it would make me stand apart from a person like that then I will go to Lowe's and buy some paint.
Reply:I've been a NASCAR fan since 1960 and have seen this type "anti" fan hundreds of times.

I know they are enjoying the freedom they have and that that's their opinion but hey I'll watch the race on Sunday and cheer my favorite on.And as for the ANTI FAN they can go buy a new coloring book.
Reply:honlhonlhonlhonlhonkhonkhonkhonkhonkhonk freakinHONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Reply:you all are probably kids and just don't know any better. There always has and will be people that don't like things. You can live your life or let it bother you like you have.

I've been a race fan since the 50's there papaBS'er, and I have to say NASCAR is just a mess right now. I'm surprised that if are that big of a fan you couldn't see that too.

My goodness the KING went to the INDY 500 this year.

I do believe the newbies don't have many other good sport figures to look up to and the NASCAR guys are pretty good guys as far as there clean life they live.

That was a funny post.

I grew up in the area that NASCAR was born in and I LOVE IT...I wouldn't trade my "RACIN' DAYS" for anything...I've been a fan for probably LONGER than this person has been born....DOES THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE ME A "REDNECK" ?!?!

REDNECK......(defined as).....n. Offensive Slang.


Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.

(2.) A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude.

Yes, I'm a NASCAR FAN.....and have been working, for many, many years....I'm from the RURAL SOUTH.....SOOOOO...YEP, GUESS I QUALIFY FOR REDNECK STATUS...

I suppose that if enjoying NASCAR is considered to be REDNECK.....THEN.........SO SHOULD GOLF, BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY, BOXING, RODEO....

Many folks are childish in thinking that just because someone likes something that they don't, it gives them the right to pass judgement on others because of their perferences....WELL....CHECK OUT DEFINITION #2....

Reply:I have been a fan of Nascar since I was a teenager in the 70's. I always felt like these drivers were typical of the working class America. When you went to see them race, they were so greatful for the fan's support. They knew where they came from and loved to stop and talk to us like we were old friends. I have always loved this sport, and will watch it as long as I live. To those who don't like Nascar, well, I guess I won't have to worry about seeing you at the track. I don't even understand why you post in this forum. Could it be you have low self esteem and only feel better when you attack others? You should stay with the racing forums that you enjoy. Post your questions and answers there. Are you smart enough to grasp that concept? In case you nascar-haters don't get it, no matter what venom you spew at the rest of us, we'll always love our Nascar and there's nothing you can say to change our minds. Apparently, you're not as intelligent as you claim to be or I wouldn't have to point this out to you. HONK HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Helllllllllllp try to answer?

I have BUCK TEETH and there really YELLOW and yeah.DO u ?

Helllllllllllp try to answer?
So, see a dentist and get them taken care us ... oh, and you might try brushing them ... it does help with the yellow.

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Do you think bear2zealand is rude?

these are the Q's he asked and insulted me twice on two of my questions

Anyone have a new recipe for german knuckle cake?

Do you think women who weigh 250 and have buck teeth should be dog owners?

What should I do if rover's rectum is bleeding?

Has anyone got the recipe for german knuckle cake yet?

i think he is ver rude and should be ban what do you think?

Do you think bear2zealand is rude?
I think that's pretty rude to, but i would just ignore him.

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What do you think is the funniest animal out there? Not too long ago I had a random encounter with a .......?

...beaver, and his wet face, buck teeth and antics just cracked me up, not to mention his wobble and looks.

What do you think is the funniest animal out there? Not too long ago I had a random encounter with a .......?
The Black-footed albatross: They have the most hilarious landings and take offs, often performing "crash landings." Their clumsy landings and take offs have earned them the name, "Gooney bird." If you get the chance to watch a video of some of these birds landing, you will simply laugh your head off. Their stubby legs and long wings are the reason why they have so much trouble landing and taking off. However, once they are in the air, they are extremely graceful.
Reply:mine is propaly lauren this girl that i know. its a kind of cow and dog mixed in with each other

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