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Why do you think everybody thinks this?

Okay so Kayla says my hair is frizzy %26quot;sometimes%26quot;

Brian says %26quot;your hair is frizzy every time I see you%26quot; he also says I have buck teeth!

My sister Yasmine says %26quot;Your hair is frizzy and it%26#039;s brown which is a really plain color.%26quot;

My hair isn%26#039;t really frizzy I don%26#039;t know why everyone says it is I know what frizz is and I never thought I had it that bad I comb/brush my hair every day thoroughly so I don%26#039;t know why everyone thinks that it is I am one of those people who freaks out about every little detail about myself. I straigtened my hair today

why are they saying that-do you think it%26#039;s really frizzy

about the buck teeth- I don%26#039;t have any space between my upper teeth and they aren%26#039;t any bigger than anyone else%26#039;s-or at least I don%26#039;t think so

by the way brian is a chubby geek and so is kayla

(some names have been changed so i don%26#039;t hurt feelings or this isn%26#039;t considered like online bashing)

Why do you think everybody thinks this?
im lost
Reply:how the heck are we supposed to didn%26#039;t even post a picture
Reply:i dont think this
Reply:tell them to FCK OFF!
Reply:dont listen to them
Reply:I agree with Andy I am also a bit lost.
Reply:Oh, don%26#039;t listen to Kayla, Brian, or your sister. They are just being silly!
Reply:wait, what?

uh, either yew have frizzy hair, or yew dont.

look in the mirror and see.

O.o we cant really tell, seeing as we%26#039;ve never seen yew before.
Reply:It is cause your hair is naturally curly,Or you had someone did a home made perm and that is what made your hair fuzzy.
Reply:Change your hair color
Reply:i%26#039;m very lost
Reply:2 points for me!!

Reply:maybe because its probbly is fizz if mad people say it is! LOL don%26#039;t take this ofense i am jus tryin to give u some advice. why dont you go to anystore that has shampoo and get some good shampoo and condiner that works and is labeled as fizz control also try to get some product next to the shampoo... look for things that help lessen your frizz!

hope i helped and try it.. i bet it will work and if your hairs not really frizz or anything jus ignore them or ask someone you trust or a good friend if your hair is frizzy.. and the whole teeth thing.. GIRLL they jus jelous!
Reply:........some people would belittle you no matter what.......stay away from people like....i have two in my family that i keep conversations very short........
Reply:Hi - okay, you be the one to step up and be the hero in this situation. Just try to ignore their hurtful comments and don%26#039;t say anything back. Eventually they will get tired of teasing you and go pick on someone else.
Reply:okay i think that they mean that ur hair is puffy

i guess
Reply:WTF! i am lost. tell those ***** to back off. plus, why the hell are you entertaining such degenerates.

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Guys only?!?

i have a friend and shes very gorgeous but her teeth aret all that straight. like she has buck teether but there not way out there. she keeps asking me what she should change about her look but i dont want to be mean about her teeth, so guys, to you are %26quot;slightly%26quot; buck teeth a turn off?

Guys only?!?
I%26#039;ve never been too concerned about looks. Personality has always been the key for me. If the rest of her is %26quot;gorgeous%26quot; as you said, the right guy could easily overlook her teeth. I know I could.
Reply:no of course not dont be silly. buckteeth gives girls a beever-like appearance and i happen to find that very attractive.
Reply:slightly isn%26#039;t too bad, but if it%26#039;s rly obvious they are... I would have to say a slight overbite is fine, but anything more tell her to get braces or a retainer lol
Reply:I believe a %26quot;slight%26quot; buck teeth can actually be attractive if everything else is in order.
Reply:no not at all. if the girl has a nice personality thats all that matters.
Reply:doesn%26#039;t really matter if it isn%26#039;t all that obvious
Reply:Lets put it another way. Teeth are the biggest turn on for me. If I see a girl with with a perfect big smile with pearl white teeth, I am mesmorized, even if her face isn%26#039;t that pretty.

So, bad teeth are a turn off. Tell her to get veneers, it will be the BEST investment she ever made! I actually just had mine done, I don%26#039;t stop smiling now!
Reply:Not quite
Reply:nah.. if theyre like rawr and all over the place it kinda is, but if its not extreme, shes good to go
Reply:not really if everything else is okay. noone is perfect,

how%26#039;s her ***?
Reply:So what if she has buck teeth.......

if that is all that is wrong with her well than she may be purfect for someone....

if thats all that is wrong with her, sh has nothing to worry about cause surely there is more to her than her teeth, what about personality, looks etc, if you can not be honest with ur friend all i can say is who is the shallow one
Reply:yes I think it could be an issue , but if she could emphisise on maybe her eyes or hair or dress or hands , so much more can be sen as beutiful that what is not will not matter

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Are you shy to smile with your braces?

I got braces 2 weeks ago and since then, I can%26#039;t seem to smile much. I thought I was ugly with my buck-teeth before and now I%26#039;m totally self aware that I have 2 huge teeth sticking out of my mouth. Any advice? It boring for other people if I never smile until my buck-teeth go %26quot;in%26quot; my mouth with the braces.

Are you shy to smile with your braces?
I got braces at 27 and first they only put them on the top teeth to move them OUT before putting them on the bottom! Talk about having nightmares. I already had buck teeth and then they only got worse. But it was for a short time and then all was fine. In the meantime, I was a little shy and self conscious about smiling but I did it anyway. No one made fun but then I was older and really didn%26#039;t have anyone to impress. My advice would be to smile anyway. I think braces are cute and anyone who has ever had them knows that before your teeth get perfect they have to go through some adjustments. It %26#039;seems%26#039; like your mouth and teeth are huge when you first get braces, but really it%26#039;s not. You%26#039;ll get used to it in time. Go ahead and smile!

Good luck!
Reply:I wouldnt have a problem with yourself,have some fun if somebody laughs or makes fun of you their just a waste of breath.
Reply:i liked my braces. there%26#039;s nothing wrong with having braces so you shouldn%26#039;t be afraid to smile. at least people will know that you are fixing your teeth. because for some people perfect teeth is something that%26#039;s important but with braces they won%26#039;t care so much because it%26#039;s not like your ignoring the problem.

but the important thing is you can%26#039;t hide them so don%26#039;t be embarrased by them. they are going to be there for a while so you have to try and get over it not be scared to smile.
Reply:I got mine put on 4 weeks ago. I am 16 so had them put on late because I was terrified about the idea when I was 14. Now I am more conscious of my looks so I was eager to have it in the end.

Just think, braces are only on for two years and then you%26#039;ll have lovely teeth. My friend had her braces of today and her teeth look lovely - they were so overcrowded and wonky before.

People will understand why you%26#039;re not smiling with your mouth open because everyone with braces is like that at the start.

I have my prom soon and I hate the fact that I will have my braces on still.
Reply:I use to have braces, but so did alot of people at my school. It wasn%26#039;t much of a problem, it just takes time to get use to. I don%26#039;t think i smiled for the first couple of weeks. It all comes in time, soon you will be laughing with all your friends.
Reply:I%26#039;m not shy to smile with my braces- so smile! Someone smiling with buck teeth and braces is better than someone not smiling at all.

And if people make fun of you, just remind yourself that soon you will have perfect teeth...
Reply:Don%26#039;t be afraid to smile!! It doesn%26#039;t matter what others think all that matters is that YOU love YOURSELF. You are your worst critic. Remember that a smile can light up a room whether it HAS braces or not.
Reply:I actually smile more with my braces, I thought people would say stuff, but they didn%26#039;t. If I was you I really wouldn%26#039;t mind because people don%26#039;t really make fun of others with braces anymore. So smile away! :) :) :) :) :)
Reply:i%26#039;ve had them for 5 months and at first i was shy, but if u act shy ppl will know you are; so just be confident and ignore the braces.

Ps I%26#039;m 17, so i%26#039;m a lil l8 4 braces...

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Im so scared?

ok my two front teeth(the big ones called (buck teeth) have been feeling loose a long time i went to the dentist yesterday to see why this is and they cleaned all of my teeth thoruoghly and they felt even more loose they tried to get and xray of my front teeth but i kept gagging, so they couldntthen the dentist came into check on my teeth after the hygeinest finished cleaning my teetth and i asked him y they were loose he said theyre not. im all paranoid now about my dentist bing a liar b/c they feel really loose was he lying to me they feel like they moved. another question, i noticed my hygienist and the dentist both had bad breath does this take away any credibility tey have in dental work lol? oh yes and another reason they should be loose is b/c when i bite down my lower teeth push up against said loose teeth so wtf is my dentist smoking?

Im so scared?
i think the calcium content in ur body is too low hence the problem
Reply:get second opinion from different dentist.
Reply:I think you should find a new dentist. If you have had a sinus infection, that could cause a feeling like they%26#039;re going to fall out. That sounds weird, but some of my family members also have that feeling when they get a sinus infection.
Reply:I was paranoid about my two front teeth being loose for a really long time.... but really, all of your teeth are loose in a way.

If you keep worrying and messing with them, it will get worse because you%26#039;ll keep looking for it.

Do your best to forget about it, give your gums a while to recover from your tampering and tighten back up, and RELAX.

If it isn%26#039;t any better after a couple weeks, go get a second opinion.
Reply:I suggest you go to another dentist.. Going to another dentist is better than not having any teeth.. Would you want to have dentures?lol
Reply:I appears that way but no, they are not loose. Try using Listerine to toughen your gums a bit more. Offer some to the Denist and his helper. You teeth are not loose, it%26#039;s okay.
Reply:Go for a second opinion asap.

1800 dentist
Reply:if you arent happy with the dentist you are going to, try going to another dentist for a second opinion.
Reply:First off, it is normal for teeth to move slightly. Bad breath does not mean your dentist doesn%26#039;t know what he is doing. Go for a second opinion if you don%26#039;t believe what they told you.
Reply:First thing to remember is a profession isn%26#039;t always a passion. Just because a man can recognize a healthy set of teeth doesn%26#039;t mean that he is overly concerned with his own. I still know some dentists that don%26#039;t give away toothbrushes on Halloween. The point of the matter is he is an expert. He knows his stuff, and he has a really expensive degree on the wall to prove it. If you are truly worried, get a second opinion, but I don%26#039;t think you have too much reason to. Just try not to think about it.

I have a reoccurring bad dream where I loose my teeth, so I can understand the paranoia, but you got it checked, the dentist said everything%26#039;s ok, just try not to worry.

It sounds more like a problem for a shrink than a dentist.
Reply:It would be a wise decision to consult your problem to other dentists or dental specialists who may have better knowledge about that problem. Take an immediate move on it before it is too late or you will only have 2 or 4 teeth left and rest are dentures. You may try OraMD for safe and fast relief for any dental problem you have. It will be your %26quot;at home%26quot; medication.


People make fun of me ?

i have teeth that are kinda %26quot;buck tooth%26quot; like in the front and people call me rabbit and bugs bunny =[ it really makes me sad i hate it and with my overbite they show even more ! so when i get braces it will pull my teeth back . but will my buck teeth still be noticable ?

People make fun of me ?
Once you have braces, by the time you get them off, You won%26#039;t have buck teeth anymore, they will be straight and not sticking out if they are. I had really bad buck teeth before I had braces, and now their Fine.

Everyone with buck teeth gets called those names by immature individuals, the only thing you can do for now is just ignore it and deal with it, but when you get your braces on, the name calling should come to a stop.

Your braces should fix your over bite as well, which is what I had to, I had a pretty nice over bite but the braces really fixed it good. They connect rubberbands on hooks that you can put on the braces yourself that fix your over bite.
Reply:i had the same problem and no they still won%26#039;t show
Reply:no... they pull ur teetrh back so they wont
Reply:LOL, I had the same issue when I was in 8th grade. Got my braces and they don%26#039;t notice. If anything, you could tell your dentist to remove some of the tooth if its too big.

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I need to get 2 cavitys filled on Jan. 2nd....more info?

So I had to go to the dentist a few weeks ago. While the dentist was looking at me, he told my mom I had 2 cavaties (okay, several more, but lets not talk about that). 1 cavity was reeeaaally tiny, it was just a blackish hue between the two front teeth. The other cavity is a lot bigger. It goes straight through my tooth. It is the tooth next to the first two teeth (called buck teeth for some), the next tooth on the right.

It goes straight though the tooth, but it has never ever caused me pain. I can gentley poke the hole and I can feel the taps on the other side of my mouth.

So here is the thing:

I HATE THE DENTIST! I was going into the dentist room the first time telling myself I wouldn%26#039;t cry or freak out. I was doing well...but then when the dentist told me I needed 2 cavities filled, I freaked out.

Could someone please explain what they will do differently for each cavity, and how I can stay calm?

I need to get 2 cavitys filled on Jan. 2nd....more info?
When the dentist fixes your teeth she/he will use numbing medicine so you don%26#039;t feel it. So ... once you are numb you won%26#039;t even know what is going on.

You can ask your dentist to give you something to help ease your anxiety such as nitrous oxide and oxygen or a sedative pill to take before your appointment. If you do any of that you will need to have a parent with you to take care of you.

Good luck!
Reply:my hubby%26#039;s dentist uses gas to kinda make you %26quot;out of it%26quot; before they do any work. my hubby hates needles and this is the only way that he can get his dental work done. you should check and see if they use gas or anything. if not, find a dentist who does.
Reply:ok frist thing of all you defentely dont want to end up passing out in the denist office. you need to take breath and think postive. the densit will numb your gums, muscles, ( most of your mouth/face) it will feel funny but it prevent you from suffering any pain. they will give you shot but only last about 10 seconds then numb will start work off in 10 mins. you will do just fine just need to calm down. think postive. again just be calm down and take breath.
Reply:It%26#039;s not a big deal. The numbing thing goes away in a few hours and I don%26#039;t even feel the application of it. I nap during some cavity fills.,
Reply:The above two answers should do it, but ask for nitrous oxide gas, it%26#039;s sort of like a sedative. Your %26#039;buck teeth%26#039; by the way are actually called central incisors, and the two teeth to the right and left are called lateral incisors.


Whenever i smile for a picture it looks ugly!! my eyes r so small and my smile is horrid help!!?

my eyes r like squinted and my smile is terrifying to look at!! i didnt get braces yet and my teeth are soo ugly i have like the hugest 2 front teeth ever its like buck teeth. when i was little it was hard for me to pull out my teeth becuz they were so long so i had to go to the dentist and my adult teeth now r so bigg and 2 of my teeth look like vampire teeth and recently we got portraits done and i look so ugly. what should i do? should i get braces soon? will it help?

Whenever i smile for a picture it looks ugly!! my eyes r so small and my smile is horrid help!!?
Braces should help, but almost nobody likes their own picture so get some input from others before you commit to the cost of braces.

Another tip: Don%26#039;t try to %26quot;Smile for the picture%26quot;. Think of something that you find funny so that your smile is more natural. The trick is to keep that amusing though while the camera person takes forever to set up the picture.

For your eyes, think about making them sparkle and focus just above the camera so you%26#039;re not squinting. The trick is to do this without blinking (which is a feat I have yet to master).

Good Luck!
Reply:try dif poses in front of a camera n c what one u like best
Reply:Yah,you should get braces,they even have invisible braces that you can wear,just ask you dentists.
Reply:smile with your mouth closed and make a conscious effort to widen your eyes. you may have to practice in the mirror!
Reply:Get braces soon! And for the time being, yes, smiling with your mouth closed would be better. If you think that your eyes are too squinty, that means you%26#039;re smiling too hard. So from now on, in pictures, smile a subtle smile, instead of a big one. I%26#039;m sure you will look better after you get braces.
Reply:don%26#039;t smile :D
Reply:wear eyeliner correctly then your eyes won%26#039;t be as small.. wear makeup!! and yes get braces! they may be quite expensive though... =]
Reply:yes it would help if you if you fixed your teeth with braces, i mean braces WILL help to some degree but they won%26#039;t completley fix it... and it%26#039;s better if you smile with your mouth closed, personally i think a HUGE smile looks ugly when you reach a certain age... a small secretive smile would be good....
Reply:If you go to an orthodonist and he suggests braces, then by all means, get braces. I used to have horrible buck teeth. I mean it was bad. I wore braces for two years almost and I recently got them off. Now, I get compliments on how nice and straight my teeth are. Sometimes though when people smile with their mouth closed, they look worse.
Reply:same as me just do a small smile with your mouth closed
Reply:Just relax, don%26#039;t think about the actual picture but the fun you are having when taking it. Yes, I would suggest braces if you truly think you need them. They do wonders for your teeth

(I have them). Your orthodontist/dentist can file down your %26quot;vampire teeth%26quot; if you think they are bad. I%26#039;m sure you look fine though! Almost everyone thinks they look bad in pictures.
Reply:if you want braces you should talk to your parents about it because they will probably help you with your self esteem and appearance, but keep in mind that braces are very expensive and you may not be able to get them on right away.

practice in front of the mirror or with a camera and ty to find a way to smile so you can keep your eyes open.

if you dont want to smile with your mouth open, thats fine. but dont oversmile with your mouth closed, or you will look goofy.

keep your eyes wide and bright and smile like you%26#039;re happy!

hope this helps and good luck with your picture!
Reply:Girl maybe you just look like Spongebob Squarepants . Sike as your avatar I don%26#039;t see it but don%26#039;t listen to what other people say .
Reply:I had horrible teeth for a long time, then I got braces put on. They are still pretty bad, but much better than they were. I compromised with them and smiled with my mouth closed for pictyres, but I still laughed with my mouth open. Braces are worth every penny, and there%26#039;s nothing that helps lift a smile more than straightened teeth do. Email me if you want to see a picture of what I mean.
Reply:Unfortunately, I don%26#039;t think braces would help with %26quot;shrinking%26quot; big teeth. Braces are used to make teeth straighter or to fix overbites or underbites. But I%26#039;d talk with your dentist/orthodontist about it. As far as this picture goes, I suggest not using every single muscle in your face! :) Try relaxing your cheeks and/or mouth more, and try to think of something you and your friends did together that makes you smile. Good luck!
Reply:if you can afford it get braces, since ur young (if your young) getting braces now is better than laater. If you get it while ur young u wont have to wear it a %26quot;looong%26quot; time. And practice smiling in front of a mirror. Wear eyeliner so your eyes wont look small. (eyeliner can enhance your eyes to make them look pretty, but u have to put eyeliner on in the right way) put some lip gloss on and some other make-up so that people wont notice ur smile first. Or just put lip gloss on and smile with ur mouth closed

hope this helps

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Reply:yes you should see an orthodontist. I have a ver similar problem with my eyes. when I smile i get this wrinkle under my eyes so when I smile I only show my top teeth. I also wear eyeliner to make my eyes pop. Good luck!
Reply:Lumenaires, which are bonded over your existing teeth might help. Expensive but look into it.

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Im so scared?

ok my two front teeth(the big ones called (buck teeth) have been feeling loose a long time i went to the dentist yesterday to see why this is and they cleaned all of my teeth thoruoghly and they felt even more loose they tried to get and xray of my front teeth but i kept gagging, so they couldntthen the dentist came into check on my teeth after the hygeinest finished cleaning my teetth and i asked him y they were loose he said theyre not. im all paranoid now about my dentist bing a liar b/c they feel really loose was he lying to me they feel like they moved. another question, i noticed my hygienist and the dentist both had bad breath does this take away any credibility tey have in dental work lol? oh yes and another reason they should be loose is b/c when i bite down my lower teeth push up against said loose teeth so wtf is my dentist smoking?

Im so scared?
If your that worried go see another dentist. Sometimes people just need a second opinion.
Reply:your gums are just lose from the build up.. it will get better..
Reply:are your gums in good shape? if they bleed when you brush then they probably are not. if you don%26#039;t toughen up your gums they can recede and eventually over the years your teeth will fall out. But i%26#039;m thinking you%26#039;re just paranoid. Advice - get another dentist - Then you%26#039;ll know for sure - 2 opinions is better than 1
Reply:You definitely need to find another dentist.
Reply:You might want to see a different dentist.
Reply:First of all, if they were loose the dentist would not miss out on an opportunity to rip you off and get more money out of you...I%26#039;m sure you would have an appointment 4 an overpriced surgery if they needed ANYTHING.... But if your not sure just go get a second opinion...

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My dentist accidentally hurt my nerve while he was going to fill in my cavities: What can i do?

My dentist accidentally hit a nerve while adding a needle to numb the pain today and i lost 3 front teeth the 2 buck teeth and the eye teeth.

I know he made a mistake and i have forgiven him and all but now i dont have my 3 front teeth i lost 2 on the top and my eye teeth the teeth that looks like a vampire teeth.

Anyways i have forgiven him for the mistake but now i have to focus on getting dentures because when i look at the mirror i felted like my whole world just changed.

I know it dumb to ask but should i continue seeing the same dentist or go to another dentist?

Hes a really good person and hes been my dentist since i was a child should i continues seeing him or not?

I dont know how can hitting a nerve can actually lose my 3 teeth but that was my dentist said.

My dentist accidentally hurt my nerve while he was going to fill in my cavities: What can i do?
If you just lost three teeth when you went to get fillings... then you need to return to him and get a very clear understanding of what happened. He %26quot;hit a nerve%26quot; doesn%26#039;t sound like you understood what happened (nor does it sound clinically feasible) and in order for you to decide whether or not you want to continue being treated by him, you need to understand.

If he cannot explain to you in clear terms that you can understand and feel comfortable with, then request copies of your pre-treatment and post-treatment x-rays. Take those to another dentist for a second opinion. Or if you don%26#039;t feel comfortable asking yourself, schedule an appointment with another dentist and have them request the x-rays for you.

At any rate, if your dentist has attributed the loss of these three teeth to his error, then a denture is not an acceptable compensation. Implants are an option but depend whether or not you are a suitable candidate for them (they have special requirements if they are to work), or he can place a porcelain bridge. I would insist on one of the these two, not a denture.
Reply:Same thing happened to me... I don%26#039;t see him anymore. It%26#039;s really your choise to switch or not.
Reply:Actually if a dentist hits a nerve when doing a filling he can save it but it would have to get a root canal or possibly an apicoectomy. You would probably have had to go to an endodontist. For him to do this to 3 teeth is not acceptable and hard to believe. Each tooth has its own individual nerve. He would have had to hit each one. It makes me wonder what he really did.

If your dentist made a mistake then he should be paying for you to have dental implants. You could sue him for such a thing. I wouldn%26#039;t sue but you could.

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How old should a baby be when you stop bottle feeding?

My neice will be 2 this May. I was talking to my sister-in-law the other day and she said the baby%26#039;s front teeth were starting to buck but then she said she%26#039;s going to keep bottle feeding her for another year. Her teeth will be really bad by then, at 3 years old. Now I%26#039;m not a mother, but that sounds really dumb. I knew someone who bottle fed their daughter till she was about 3 and her lips were shaped weird and she had buck teeth. I think she should be taken off the bottle right about now, but I don%26#039;t know. I don%26#039;t want to offend my sister-in-law by questioning her mothering techniques but I don%26#039;t want my neice to have buck teeth. What should I say to her?

How old should a baby be when you stop bottle feeding?
Woah, your sister in law should have pulled the plug on that 12 months ago! As you can see the obvious dental damage it is doing is not healthy. Unfortunately your sister in law seems a bit too blind to see that. Have her talk to a child%26#039;s dentist and see if that can break through to her.
Reply:Why not have her daughter learn to use a sippy cup? They are spill proof now, and the kids feel so grown up using them. I always feel wierd when I see a kid walking around with a bottle. My kids were both off bottles by age 1 (by daughter would never take a bottle - she went straight from boob to sippy cup) Tell your sister that you are concerned for your neice%26#039;s teeth, show her how much braces cost, and buy your neice some really cooly sippy cups that will make her forget about those bottles.
Reply:why is she going to keep bottle feeding, did she give a reason? Both of my boys weere off the bottle by the time they turned one. I can%26#039;t stand seeing big toddlers walking around with bottle, it drives me crazy! They%26#039;re are great sippy cups with soft spouts that work very well to transition off the bottle. But even with those it%26#039;s important that they don%26#039;t suck on them for comfort, especially at night. Bottles and sippys should only be used for thirst not comfort. It all seems a little strange to me that your SIL is noticing a tooth problem, but doing nothing to correct it (taking away the bottle). I don%26#039;t think it would hurt to say something, that way you can at least get a better understanding of the whole situation.
Reply:What is your sister-in-law thinkink. My baby was exactly 1yr old when I took the bottle from him. You should but your niece a zippy cup the one with the soft top so that she wont really feel the difference. Don%26#039;t tell your sister-in-law anything just give it to her as a gift, and maybe your niece will like it. Get her one of a character she likes. Hope it works . Good luck
Reply:at age one you are supposed to give the child milk..... that is also when a sippy cup should be introduced....

i hate seeing toddlers with bottles.... the only thing i think is %26quot;what is wrong with the parents??%26quot;

same with a 2 and 3 year old with a pacifier...
Reply:i was 6 months!! Make her take it away or that kid will need braces!!! give her the propel or gaterade bottles because tehy will keep the same feeling you know the twist caps!
Reply:pediatricians recommend to stop bottle feeding at 1yr--- they also will tell you not to give them a bottle at night because its bad for the gums and teeth when they start coming out... its causes early tooth decay. may be if you research it and pull up some pictures on what it can do to your neices teeth then maybe she%26#039;ll reconsider or talk to your brother--- maybe he can say something to her about it.
Reply:A baby should be introduced to a sippy cup at 6-7 mths and off a bottle at 12-15 mths. You are right her teeth are only going to buck more. Sorry but I think your SIL is just being lazy.
Reply:It is recommended that a child is breastfed (in countries outside the First World) until at least age 2. However, in the US and the rest of the First World nations, most children should be off the bottle by 12 months at the latest.

I was weaned at 10 months. My moronic aunt and uncle decided to let their son self-wean. He used a pacifier until age 7, breastfed until age 6, and used a bottle (at night) until 8. He is now 12.
Reply:I cannot believe your sister-in-law is doing this and that the pediatrician hasn%26#039;t had a fit with her. A child should be weaned from the bottle at 12 months. That is when I weaned my son and I had no problem doing so. Of course, he was using a sippy cut at 5 months and a regular glass shortly after that. I did not put him to bed with the bottle except on rare occasions. It was not used as a pacifier either. Your sister-in-law should of known all this before giving birth by reading and educating herself. It is really imperative that she take that bottle away now. She is doing harm to her daughter. I would gently bring the subject up and maybe give her a book on kids dental health. I do think that this is also laziness on the part of your sister-in-law. I feel bad for your neice. I pray things do change.

God bless,

Reply:one year old!

i realize that different cultures have different bottle feeding norms, but the AAP says 1 year old to prevent such problems.

my daughter has her two fron t teeth slightly inverted. we have a family memeber who is an ortho that says she may have actually have benefited from the bottle a few months longer. go figure!
Reply:i stopped bottle feeding at 6 months then started on a sippy cup which my daughter was able to feed herself
Reply:I literally stopped the bottle on their 1st birthdays with both of my kids. I introduced the sippy cup here and there for a couple of months before hand and on that birthday, they were done with bottles.
Reply:I kept my bottle until i was 3 and a half.

I have perfectly straight teeth. It is nothing about the bottle. And i will get thumbs down for this but i am giving my opinion. It is up to the babys mother.
Reply:I believe that babies should be weaned from the bottle before they can walk. My 20 m/o has been off the bottle since 13 months, a month before she was toddling around. Now she drinks from her sippy at snack time and meals and can drink from a regular cup if I%26#039;m standing close enogh to keep her from spilling everywhere. Good luck!!
Reply:HELLO, people! There is no difference between the bottle and sippy cup. Yeah, I%26#039;ll get thumbs down for this, too, but I know for a fact that many sippy cups have been blamed for dental problems and speech impediments. Switching from one to the other does not make a difference.

My daughter is 14 months old and very slight. It is hard to get the recommended calorie count into her on a daily basis. Therefore, I still give her about 24 ounces of milk/formula mix per day (the maximum recommended amount by pediatricians). She uses a REGULAR GLASS at meals, and OOOHHH....a BOTTLE upon awakening in the morning and before going to bed at night. She does NOT walk around with milk or juice in a sippy all day long (I do give her some water in a Nuby, more as an indicator of her thirst than anything else. If she goes for the sippy, I can give her a glass of milk or water).

If your SIL is giving the child milk in a bottle all day long, or if the child is walking around with the bottle, it%26#039;s a problem, but no more than all of those 3 year-olds I see clinging to their sippies. SAME THING, people! It has just become culturally acceptable for kids to use a sippy. Until not too long ago, they didn%26#039;t even exist. I don%26#039;t see entire generations before the current one with crooked teeth.


acne scar

I seriously need help with my feelings...?

I%26#039;m 13 I have ugly buck teeth i need braces i dont want them to show i want to get lingual ones do they work fast and do they make you talk weird? The reason is, i hate braces that show because i am ugly and i hate metal brackets i dont know about getting invisalign my teeth are too buck, my dream has always been about modeling and nobody likes a model with metal in their teeth and buck teeth and i dont wanna last with metal for 3 or 2 years i cant stand it id rather just die

I seriously need help with my feelings...?

I%26#039;m a mother in her 40%26#039;s and have always hated my teeth, the two front teeth stuck out more than the others. I could do a great bugs bunny look. Then finely I got braces and I was always the oldest person in the Orthodontist waiting room.

After 2 years my teeth where perfectly straight and nobody noticed. Know one had ever noticed my teeth were ever sticking out in the first place.

My point is!

your teeth look bad to you but I bet know one else thinks so.

If you are really worried about the look of braces then go with lingual braces.

Did you know Tom Cruise had lingual braces. He got them after he did the first Mission Impossible Movie.

Below is an article about lingual braces
Reply:dont be like that, bracers arent that bad, my best mate has a bracers fetish as matter of fact, some people find em hot, plus i never seen a model smile.........
Reply:Sorry,but the only ay too get those teeth straight are to wear those metal suckers. I have them.

Or of can just %26quot;die%26quot;

Not really...
Reply:you are not gonna be a model if you are ugly, but you probably not ugly, you just have low self-confidence, people with confidence are sexy. so get more confidence.
Reply:dude deal with which ever for now, yes they will make you talk funny but by the time your 16 youll be hot if that is what is important to you. Im 45 and i know there are more important things than looks. Like personality and sense of humor. hang in there you will be fine
Reply:I had the clear, plastic ones that are plastered to the fronts of your teeth just like the metal ones and they worked just the same. You could hardly tell they were there. You have to make sacrifices sometimes in life. We are always looking for instant gratification, but this case calls for a sacrifice. And braces are definitely worth the time and pain if you are going to wear your retainers. If you aren%26#039;t going to wear your retainers for the couple of years after...don%26#039;t waste your time or money. Seriously, don%26#039;t even bother. Your teeth will go back to the way they were. Braces are a serious commitment for sometimes a handful of years.
Reply:you need to relax and take it one day at a time. you have a long life to live and you need to stop worrying about the minor things. just get the braces and get it over with. two years from now you will have straight pretty teeth and you will be a pretty girl just about dating time. my how nice that will be for you then.
Reply:Don%26#039;t worry about which ones to get, Just get them! Make sure you have a very good orthodontist though. I was your age when I got braces. My teeth were horrible! My mother took me to a dentist who had never put braces on anyone before. He ended up causing a huge overbite. Over the years it has gotten better and people say that I have beautiful teeth, but I went many years in school being made fun of. However, I look better than most of the %26quot;pretty%26quot; girls that I went to school with. You will too! Get whatever braces will do the best job and the quickest. It doesn%26#039;t matter if it takes 3 years. It sounds soooooooo long, but it goes by in a blink. Anyone that makes fun of you right now will be envious of you in high school. I PROMISE! Make sure you take care of yourself.... Keep acne under control and keep your clothes clean and pressed and you will glow!

You will be a knock out!
Reply:I%26#039;m an adult that had braces and I loved having braces! Look at all the teenagers in school - there are braces everywhere. You need to get your teeth taken care of now. Talk to your parents.

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Horrible dental hygenine?


Horrible dental hygenine?
At 17 yrs of age your teeth should not be mobile, that to me may signify periodontal disease. Your best bet would be to see a Periodontist to evaluate if you do indeed have periodontal disease and any bone loss around the teeth which would cause them to feel mobile. Mouth breather or smokers can also acquire periodontal disease and the front teeth would be affected more so.

Not sure I understand your enamel issue, enamel does not regrow. There are newer toothpastes on the market to help with enamel, but it is meant for small demineralizing areas not missing enamel.

Maybe check out a new dentist if you are not satisfied with your current one, but all-in-all, a Periodontist would most likely help you the most. Good luck
Reply:visit your dentist and use crest pro-health toothpaste and listerine
Reply:Visit your dentist and ask advice. The obvious answer
Reply:Begin by seeing a dentist. Have them clean your teeth and assess the damage. You can not assume what is wrong. If you cannot afford a dentist, check local resources offered by your city for free or affordable dental care. Some dental colleges will offer services at a discount rate.

In the meantime, brush at minimum 2 times per day and floss. Have you ever had flouride treatments? This helps to strengthen teeth. My son had weak teeth and his dentist recommended coating daily with a flouride rinse. Lay off sugary, hard, sticky foods.

Best of lucky, go to the dentist and keep going for now on for regular checkups/cleanings. Your teeth are at stake and I%26#039;m sure you want to keep them the rest of your life.
Reply:It%26#039;s not normal for someone so young to have those kind of problems. I hope your not doing Meth cause that will cause your teeth to rot and fall out ( it reduces saliva which protects your enamel ) . Go see a dentist. Act or listerine will help a little but not enough. Brush your teeth with a very soft toothbrush and avoid drinking lots of soda (it eats away at enamel) unless you use a straw. Also use a gentle toothpaste without peroxide or tooth whiteners. You should really see a dentist because you need to find out what%26#039;s going on to save your teeth !
Reply:You definitely need to see a Dentist (once a year for a check up, twice for a cleaning after you got everything else fixed). If you think you can%26#039;t afford one, trust me it won%26#039;t be any cheaper once you start loosing your teeth. It%26#039;s always cheaper to keep up with them. You really shouldn%26#039;t have periodontal disease at your age. But I have seen it before. If you don%26#039;t want to be in dentures in 5 years, start brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day. Use a soft electrical toothbrush. You can find rechargeable ones for $18-20. Brushing should be the last thing you do before going to bed so nothing will sit on your teeth over night. Floss once a day - try reach flosser, it has a handle that makes it easier to use. Rinse with a fluoride rinse after your last brushing of the day and do not rinse it of with water. Stay away from sticky and sour candy. Stay away from mountain dew and sports drinks. They are very dangerous for your teeth and your stomach. Those drinks alone can cost you thousands of dollars in dental work and can cause stomach ulcers.

And as far as your enamel - it will not grow back like hair does. Once it%26#039;s gone you will need fillings done by a dentist.

Good luck sweetie! And promise me you will work on it!
Reply:as a dentist, you should,

see a dentist

don%26#039;t worry about listerine, that is the least of your problems

avoid acid foods especially soda

you can%26#039;t get enamel back

you can keep enamel strong with fluoride (high fluoride is better. Prescription strength)

keep smiling
Reply:You need to get a a dentist and get an exam and cleaning x-rays then your doc will let you know where to go from there,you may have just early signs of gum disease which can be reversible
Reply:you must go see a doctor. i hate to say it but your going to have dentures here before long if your teeth are loose. it sounds like you have a peridonal disease which causes your teeth to become loose. the only thing you need right now is a DENTIST!!! good luck sweetie:)
Reply:visit you dentist and use pearl drops toothpaste

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Do u think i might need braces?

Sorry no pics....

My two front buck teeth have a gap i can fight my finggernail in my right front tooth is like 1-7 xm in front of my left buck tooth my tooth next to my front tooth i can fit my fingernail in also i have an overbite i can fit my fingernail in also and lost lost my teeth later then everyone else. I havent gone to and orthodontist my mom doent really see my teeth so she doesnt now how they are..... Do u think i will need braces?

Do u think i might need braces?
i think u do...

when u get them off ur teeth will be beautiful!

just make sur u wear ur retainer!

my dog ate mine so my bottum teeth got crooked again =[
Reply:Wow it sounds like you definitely need braces but depending on your age they could still be developing. Do you have all of your Permanent teeth?
Reply:When you%26#039;re still need,but when you%26#039;ll be married,that time you%26#039;ll need a lot more

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Dental problems?

Hey I%26#039;m an azn and probaly you heard about many azn having bad teeth, thats usually true.

My teeth are mirror image but looks terrible. Two teeths from the middle is another tooth that is turned inwards 45 degrees (top and bottom jaws) and the top jaw,I think it was because back then my dad go this thick string used for nets, ripped out one of my tooth, and I think could%26#039;ve moved the direction of the new tooth about to grow back. It makes feel like I have fangs(lol).

2 middle teeth make me feel as if I got rather large fronts teeth, its no buck tooth, but I dislike them.

And my far left, in my bottom jaw make me feel as if lost a tooth there, or rather, the gum isn%26#039;t sticking onto the side of the tooth.

And now I regret having these teeth, how do I improve their appearance? If I need to go dentist, do they like give me a new pair of teeth? And do they use the chemical that make you feel no pain? And how much will it cost?

Note- No simple statements please eg. %26quot;Go to the dentist%26quot;

Dental problems?
I think you will probably need to get braces. I didn%26#039;t really get your description of your teeth but it sounds very complicated. Braces will cost around $5000.
Reply:Since it sounds like you%26#039;re very concerned with the appearance of your teeth, you should definitely visit a dentist. When there, the dentist will be able to assess your needs and address your concerns. There are a lot of options.

I can probably predict correctly that it will not be cheap, but make sure you do your research and it would be smart to get at least 2 opinions. Braces could be one of your options. Please also remember that the visit to the dentist shouldn%26#039;t just be about the appearance, you also want to make sure that your mouth and teeth are as healthy as they can be, so if it%26#039;s suggested that you have other work done, such as, a dental cleaning and/or treatment due to cavities, please, make sure those are taken care first. Having a great looking smile won%26#039;t mean a thing if your mouth is not healthy.
Reply:Before you make any decision for your teeth like to put braces on it, you must first consider the risks it may take especially if your teeth and gums are sensitive.

What you do not know about dental problems such as simple sore lumps, mouth ulcers, bad cavity, bleeding or strange pain on one of your teeth or the gum line could threaten your health and worst could kill you. Before it%26#039;s too late, get effective dental health care advices and solutions at and free yourself from the dangers of dental problems.

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I took my 7 year old beagle to the vet this morning and he said I need to have her put under for clean teeth?

The cost is 200 bucks. Are there any alternatives? We have a tooth brush and have used it, but the vet said that will not help at this point. I don%26#039;t want to spend the money and It isn%26#039;t good to put a dog under. Advice?

I took my 7 year old beagle to the vet this morning and he said I need to have her put under for clean teeth?
I have a beagle, too. I had to have her put under to have her teeth cleaned. All dogs have to be put under to have their teeth cleaned. Tooth brushing helps, but the teeth need to be scaled and, unfortunately, $200 is what it costs. I know it%26#039;s a lot of money, but if you keep up with the brushing afterwards, it should last for awhile.
Reply:You are right. It would be better for your vet to stick sharp objects in your dog%26#039;s mouth while he is awake and moving around.

Just spend the money. It%26#039;s pretty standard procedure, and $200 is pretty much standard, too, although some places have discounts.
Reply:I used to work at a vets office and it is necessary to put them under. They are only under for a short period of time so it is safe. If the vet didn%26#039;t think that the dog could handle the anesthetic he wouldn%26#039;t have suggested it. Also, having the dogs teeth cleaned every so often will prevent him from having issues with his mouth in the future. You don%26#039;t want your dog to have problems with his teeth when he is older.
Reply:My vet charges over $300.00 so $200.00 is a bargain.
Reply:$200.00 is a good price. I spent over $450.00 to have my first beagles teeth cleaned at the vet. That experience inspired me to faithfully brush all the other beagle%26#039;s teeth. So far so good.

A groomer can scale the teeth, too, but it doesn%26#039;t clean under the gumline where infections can occur.

Have the vet do it while your beagle is still relatively young and will be OK under anesthesia, and then keep up on the brushing so you don%26#039;t have to have it done again.
Reply:If your vet says you need to have the dogs teeth cleaned there really aren%26#039;t any other alternatives at this point. I%26#039;ve spent a few years working as a vet assistant. Brushing the dogs teeth will slow the progression of the tarter buildup but it won%26#039;t remove what%26#039;s already there. Also, a buildup of tarter on the teeth can lead to infections in the gum line and cause the gum line to recede, meaning that your dogs teeth will be more likey to break off or fall out. The risks involved with putting a dog under really aren%26#039;t as great as most people think they are. To be extra safe, you can request that your vet run blood tests to make sure your dogs body can handle the anesthesia - I would suggest you do that, particularly because as 7 years dogs are considered geriatric. An added bonus to the blood test is that if you%26#039;re dog is beginning to develop any internal problems from age, you%26#039;ll find out now, when they%26#039;re beginning, and not in a few years when the problems are more advanced. I realize what I%26#039;m suggesting is expensive, but it may also be adding years to the life of your dog. After the dental you can reduce the chances of having to go through this again by getting your dog chews that are specifically formulated to reduce and slow tarter buildup. Sorry you have to be faced with this, but I hope this answer helps.
Reply:I would get them cleaned. Rotten teeth and gum disease can kill your dog. Usually they put them under because it is really bad. It hurts and it%26#039;s scary to the dog.

After this give him plenty of raw bones and only hard dog food. This will go a long way to keep the tartar from forming ever again.


Jaw surgery needed? Or Just Braces?

I have an overbite, buck front teeth on top, and the second teeth on the top are positioned behind the front teeth (not enough room, so buck teeth, but other teeth would only have to move apart slightly for them to fit in line with the row of upper teeth). My question is, can my teeth be fixed with braces alone (I am 26 years old) or will I need corrective jaw surgery? I have no insurance, so would be screwed with the cost of braces, let alone surgery. The rest of my teeth (along the sides of my mouth) all align, and if you were to pull my front four teeth (the buck front teeth, and the second teeth that didn%26#039;t fit because of crowding) and place implants across, my teeth would be essential straight. So, it appears that I should be okay with braces right? Or if I don%26#039;t have insurance, should I just go with a partial or implants to begin with, instead of paying $5500 for braces? I am in Canada, and have virtually no enamel on my teeth (problem teeth from birth). Please let me know.

Jaw surgery needed? Or Just Braces?
braces my sister had the same problem it corrected her over bite.
Reply:It sounds like you need both, like I do. I have to have braces for a year and a half and then I have to turn around and get corrective jaw surgery because I have a jaw that is out of line and I have a gap between the top and bottom jaws. I%26#039;ll edit my answer to show you what I mean. but, you%26#039;ll prolly be better off with both.
Reply:Seek the lesser spending by any means.
Reply:Braces would work just fine. My sisters mouth was horrible, she had overcrouding, her teeth where all mesed up from sucking her thumb, her top jaw was too small to align with her bottom jaw, she had extra teeth and the list goes on!

She had braces for 3 years and her teeth turned out PERFECT. I would defiently say braces because they can fix just about anything.

Goodluck! :)
Reply:It%26#039;s hard to say. You may need surgery or just to have the braces for a while-like 4 years. Just depends on how your jaw %26amp; teeth are positioned when they do the xrays.

Or I hate to say, you may need head gear-I%26#039;ve heard people needing that to move their jaw.

I would advise to consult with 3 different Dr%26#039;s to see what they say %26amp; how much they charge. Also go with good %26#039;ol fashion metal ones-yea it sucks but they work the best and are least expensive.

I paid only $2700 for my metal ones-but I only need them for 9 months. If I were to get clear plastic brackets, one Dr quoted me $5600! %26amp; i%26#039;d have them for 15 months instead!

Invisaligns would%26#039;ve been $6800!

I dont know what province you live in but maybe your provincial health plan may cover some of the cost??

Also-you can claim medical expenses over $1500 on your income tax-so do that!

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Would you date a guy who doesn't brush his teeth~EVER??

He smells, his teeth are all brown and breaking off~he smokes, the doc tells him to quit, says his lungs are full of %26#039;gunk%26#039;.He won%26#039;t quit. We have broke up because instead of wanting to live with me and my kids in a nice apt. he WANTS to live in a homeless shelter, telling me he wants to do God%26#039;s work.He earns 50 bucks there.Meanwhile after I%26#039;ve been with him for three years, my kids (they are not his) and I are left without a lot of support. What kind of man prefers living at a homeless shelter? All I asked him to do was get a job and pay his share here. I pay the rent, utilities and food, plus drive him where he%26#039;d needed to go~he%26#039;s been gone 32 days now and it%26#039;s hard. I%26#039;ve looked up mental disorders....he fakes seizures for attention,when he was here, he would start fights, say sarcastic things and stare at me while I was sleeping. Scary! Any ideas???

Would you date a guy who doesn%26#039;t brush his teeth~EVER??
well after reading all that u had wrote i dont see why u even want to be with the guy....and the staring at you while you are sleeping thing is a very scary thing .......and really i think he mite suffer from some type of mental illness .....or maybe he is just weird...i think it would be best for u if u lost all contact with him and began moving on with ur life and ur kids deserve more then that out of a man ...being a sinlge mother is hard but my mom did it so i know u can the guy sounds like a flake if i were you i%26#039;d be happy he was gone
Reply:no, would you?
Reply:You stuck around why?
Reply:Absolutely not....that tells me he is not concerned for himself, let alone anyone else. You deserve someone who will treat you with respect and meet your needs. Get rid of him and work on why you needed to be with this type of guy...then when that is resolved...look for the right one....they are out there.
Reply:you did the right thing let him go and do his work for god if that%26#039;s what he wants to call it?he sounds like he needs serious help
Reply:Stay away from that guy! Are you sure he didn%26#039;t fool around with your kids when you weren%26#039;t at home? He has some major issues to deal with and you already have your plate loaded. Let this fish get away and find someone more suitable - preferably someone who brushes their teeth!
Reply:No and you answered your own question, when you said he fakes seizures for attention. He is a selfish personality that seeks attention.
Reply:Change the locks on the door, honey. Be glad he%26#039;s out of your life %26amp; look for someone who you truly deserve, not just a pale imitation of what should be. You are worth more than that. A good man will treat you well, and one of your first clues is how he takes care of himself.

Best wishes %26amp; hope for your future.
Reply:NO....and I never will.

Your better off without me. He%26#039;s lazy and worthless and cares of nothing but himself. Well, not even himself apparently. Move on....honey. You can definitely do a whole lot better for you and your children.
Reply:do you really want your kids around someone like this???
Reply:No never, %26amp; you could get Mono Disease.!!!!!!
Reply:I think YOU have as many mental issues as %26#039;%26#039;your man%26#039;%26#039;. omg YOU are SICK to even allow your children to be subject to such a man.
Reply:the guy sounds like a f**ckin maniac lol
Reply:sounds like he has a personality disorder (the faking seizures) as well as maybe schizophrenia?

he doesn%26#039;t sound good for you or your children at all......

just let him go.......
Reply:Why are you with this loser?

Love, Jack


Do the plasma light teeth kits really work? I mean they are like $10-15 bucks and come with the plasma light?

I heard that they do, I bought one but have not tried it yet

Do the plasma light teeth kits really work? I mean they are like $10-15 bucks and come with the plasma light?

check this out.

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I am looking for a waterpik alternative to clean my teeth. I am looking for homemade waterpik that i can make.

Ok I am pretty sure you guys know of the commercial waterpiks that cost about $100 or so and are available at retailers and stuff. What I really want to do is make my own waterpik so I can clean my teeth and gums better. I was thinking of making something that connects to a fountain and uses the household water pressure to make the jet pressure that cleans your teeth. I rememember reading about something in a newsgroup a couple of years back that was somewhat of a simple solution but I can%26#039;t remember where.

Have any of you guys done this? I am looking for a simple solution that won%26#039;t cost me more then $10-15 bucks.

I am looking for a waterpik alternative to clean my teeth. I am looking for homemade waterpik that i can make.
Wal Mart has a Teledyne Water Pik for $30. I would not try to make anything at home. If you get too much pressure, you could have a big problem and cause infection. You could try asking your dentist for an irrigation syringe. it looks like a syringe for shots but has a round blunt canula on the end, you can use water, listerine or other orapharmasuticals in it. Good Luck.


I want to get my teeth white by Christmas ..?

my teeth are white already. but they could be whiter can someone tell me what i can do. (I don%26#039;t want to spend no more than 50 bucks.).ever tried that crest whitening stuff?

I want to get my teeth white by Christmas ..?
all of the above but that colagate luminous $2.23works awsome but so does the strips 29.99 and baking soda $ 5.00 but dont use it if you have a soduim restricted diet also just brush and floss 2-5 times a day and your teeth will look just like white pearls way before the holidays. Good Luck With It Hope it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:So, you are literally dreaming of a white christmas............
Reply:yes, it works somewhat, i could see a difference.
Reply:i love the crest strips.....i think they work the best.....also you can stop drinking pop, coffee, and if you smoke you can stop that.....that always helps......good luck
Reply:Yes - The Crest Strips work for me. Cost about 30.00 - 40.00 dollars.
Reply:its a home remedy....verrry easy and practical,just rub lemon peel twice a day,early morning and b4 sleeping.good luck!
Reply:Crest strips will work. Takes 2 weeks. And about $38.00.
Reply:Crest whitening strips work. I%26#039;ve used them a few times, and my teeth became noticeably whiter. They can run between 20 and 30 dollars. The only thing is, it%26#039;s hard to remember and find the time sometimes to use them twice a day for 30 minutes.
Reply:Brush your teeth immediately after every meal, I also rinse with peroxide and then brush with baking soda, does wonders for me.
Reply:use the strips
Reply:crylon spray paint brite white maybe a coat or two of gloss. we here in oklahoma find it very effective in getting the honeys hehe im not right sooo ill withdraw this comment hope ya got a smile there most dont notice the color of yer teeth , unless there like my cuzinz.... we call her ol green teeth lol i mean wow yatta see em they glow
Reply:Commercial tooth whiteners use hydrogen peroxide and

are expensive and inconvenient. A cheap and natural

tooth whitening home remedy uses few strawberries

but certain precautions have to be taken.

I found the information at


Can scar tissue from an upper lip fernectomy really hinder teeth from straightening?

I have had braces once already, but my top two teeth still have a gap, caused by a strong frenum. They are basically growing sideways, into each other. This causes a %26quot;v%26quot; shaped gap in my two front teeth--it looks like I have pepper stuck between them! An orthodontist told me that he can only correct this by putting braces on again, and after they are off proceeding with a fernectomy. He says that doing the fernectomy first will cause scar tissue, which will hinder my teeth from straightening, and that a retainer will not correct this problem, either. It sounds like it makes sense. Or is he just trying to make a few extra bucks?

Can scar tissue from an upper lip fernectomy really hinder teeth from straightening?
I think your orthodontist is being honest with you. Regarding the use of braces or a retainer, there is a difference between bodily movement (actually moving the whole tooth which is anchored in bone) and retention, which means keeping a tooth from drifting. Retainers retain- they keep teeth where they are by exerting light passive forces. Braces exert heavier forces, and actually move the teeth. Other types of ortho appliances can %26quot;tip%26quot; teeth, and don%26#039;t always have to be bonded. If your case, you need to have the teeth moved back together, so braces are the way to go.
Reply:You can have your front teeth reshaped just by having a dentist drill them down and then put nice even caps on them to match the rest of your teeth. Get more opinions. That surgery doesn%26#039;t sound very good.
Reply:No it is true,

if you have a strong incisive frenum it will separate your anteriors causing a prominent diastema. The only way to correct that would be to have that tissue properly removed and orthodontics to close up the spaces. If you don%26#039;t remove your frenum, unfortunately your teeth will relapse/ move regardless of braces, retainers or cosmetic work that will result in looking unnatural

I would have to agree with your orthodontist with regards to the frenectomy. They are very intelligent


Can Permanent Dental Bar on Lower Teeth be Removed? Its Bent...?

When I was a younger teenager I had braces, when they were removed a wire was left behind my lower row of teeth. I was told it%26#039;d be there forever. Well.. I just bent it eating a carrot and now I feel pressure on my teeth. Its alot of money to see a dentist but I hope to save some money by just having it removed, I%26#039;m currently 22 and had the braces removed over 7 years ago. Can the wire be removed or will it have to be straightened? To be honest I%26#039;m considering removing it myself to avoid dropping 500 bucks to have them do the same thing I would... so... I know in a perfect world I%26#039;d just go see a dentist, but seriously what am I lookin%26#039; at here?

Can Permanent Dental Bar on Lower Teeth be Removed? Its Bent...?
Oh gosh, don%26#039;t remove it yourself, you%26#039;ll definitely leave pieces of the bonding material behind, it needs to be taken off with a dental drill. I%26#039;m not sure that it can be re-bent back into shape. If you get it removed, there is a chance that your teeth could shift out of shape again, which would be a shame considering all the time you spent wearing braces.



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Getting cats teeth cleaned cost?

My 10 year old cat is due for a teeth cleaning and her vet said that it will cost between $600-$1200 depending on if she needs extractions, extra xrays etc. This seems like it is very expensive so I am curious how much other people have paid for this. Obviously I don%26#039;t want to risk her health just to save a few bucks but I also don%26#039;t want to just jump in and do it there simply because it is her regular vet if they are overcharging.

Getting cats teeth cleaned cost?
I%26#039;m not sure what country you are in, but in Australia, were I work as a vet nurse, I can tell you that the starting cost of a dental is around $400. Yes, there are many contributing factors to the cost, xrays can easily add $200 to it = $600 you were quoted. As you say, each vet practice may charge slightly differently, but thats a ball park figure. Also, if they want to put the cat on IV fluids during the dental or take teath out or run blood test prior to the procedure or have the cat on a course of antibiotics after the dental, that will all be extra. It is very difficult to make comparisons on vet quotes unless you know EXACTLY what they have quoted you for. Get a print out quote so you know and take it to another vet so you can compare oranges with oranges, if you get my meaning. Thats often a mistake people make when comparing prices. Also, be aware, for a vet to quote accurately it involves examining the patient, which means you would have to pay another consult fee somewhere else to get a proper quote. An over the phone quote from another vet might sound like a good price but it may not include all those other things you will end up needind that I mentioned above.

Hope this helps
Reply:yah i used to work at a vet clinic and the price normally ranged from $400-800.... it is really expensive because of anesthetics, time, equipment... but it is worth it if you love your cat...healthy teeth and gums are important...
Reply:Wow that is alot..I have two cats and yes you do love them.. But that really sounds really high..
Reply:My cat is 2 years old and he got his teeth cleaned just last year. The total was $226 and some change. He had bloodwork done before the surgery, then the cleaning and they also extracted 4 teeth. This total included antibiotics and pain medication.

The estimate your vet gave you seems quite high. I would call around to other offices and simply ask for an estimate.

Good luck!
Reply:I work at a vet clinic and that sounds like a pretty accurate estimate for a feline dental. Although if you do shop around for better prices, make sure that you compare based on the services that are being offered. For example, one clinic may cost $1200 but this includes ultrasonic cleaning, fluoride treatment, x-rays, safety precautions such a IV fluid and post-operative overnight-care. On the other hand the cheaper clinic charging $600 will only do a basic cleaning with a hand scaler.
Reply:Whoa!!! I think my vet charges about $160. I highly recommend that you try PetzLife gel before paying for a cleaning. It%26#039;s %26lt;$25, and it totally worked with my cat. It could save you a fortune, and you wouldn%26#039;t have to anesthetize your cat.
Reply:Don%26#039;t know where you are, but that is super high charging!

Here in W. Canada, it%26#039;s about $200 for teeth cleaning and depending on complications of extractions about $75 per tooth removal if necessary.

X-Ray if needed about $75 and blood work should be taken on a cat that age 1st, around $125 for full panel.

Hope you do get a quote from another reputable vet.

Gd. luck.
Reply:Holy god, that%26#039;s way too much. Get a second and a third and maybe even a fourth opinion. Frankly, you%26#039;d be better off just getting a tube of cat toothpaste and brushing her teeth yourself.
Reply:I paid about 250-300 for a simple cleaning with no anesthesia for mine and I thought that was too high. your cat must need some extra work or maybe they need to put her to sleep, that would add a lot to the cost
Reply:why have them cleaned give them crunchies out 17 yr old tom cat has always had crunchies to clean his teeth so it wont stress him out snyway you should look after your cats teeth better
Reply:Tooth care for cats can be very expensive, but you have to remember the cat has anesthetic and needs extra personnel to watch the cat. My vet wanted to give kitty a fluoride treatment but I decided that was a bit much. Mine is an older girl and I know she%26#039;s going to lose some teeth. The extractions are figured on a per minute per tooth basis, so that can get expensive quickly. I was sorry to see my kitty with a toothache so she%26#039;s having her teeth cleaned at the same time she is spayed so she will only need to go under once. My cat is a retired purebred breeding cat about 12 years old and is in otherwise fine shape. The estimate for the spaying and drugs and work on her teeth is about $1,000 and could be more depending on her teeth. I%26#039;m glad I had some money put aside and I hope none of my other cats is in need of vet care very soon. The vet talked about how I would have to brush her teeth after she was well again, but I can%26#039;t see her allowing me to do that. I think if I had started messing with her teeth when she was a kitten she%26#039;d tolerate it better now. I guess we%26#039;ll just do the best we can under the circumstances.

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What is the best dentist procedure/option for my teeth stains?

I have always had extremly white teeth but over the last 4 years I have (randomly, out of nowhere) developed a stain about the size of a pencil eraser on one of my front teeth. People always stare at it when they talk to me and I%26#039;m getting tired of it. I try not to smile and I use to smile all the time. I got to where I put white fingernail polish on it everyday but then I had to start limiting what I ate because if I bit down on something, the polish would come off. I%26#039;m ready to just spend big bucks on something that will take care of this permanently whether it%26#039;s a dentist procedure, zoom, or whatever. Store bought whiteners whiten my whole tooth and you can still see the spot. Is there such a thing as teeth painting at the dentist or do they have something strong enough to whiten the tooth as a whole and not just make the spot whiter or what? I live in Alabama so everything is cheaper down here, money is not an object.. HELP! :*(

What is the best dentist procedure/option for my teeth stains?
why dont u go near a dentist and try scaling or polishing ur theeth.i too faced the similiar problem.none of the teeth whiteners worked out for me unless i consulted a dentist.
Reply:you can get porcelean veneers.

try getting them laser whitened.
Reply:try laser whitening

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What is the best dentist procedure/option for my teeth stains?

I have always had extremly white teeth but over the last 4 years I have (randomly, out of nowhere) developed a stain about the size of a pencil eraser on one of my front teeth. People always stare at it when they talk to me and I%26#039;m getting tired of it. I try not to smile and I use to smile all the time. I got to where I put white fingernail polish on it everyday but then I had to start limiting what I ate because if I bit down on something, the polish would come off. I%26#039;m ready to just spend big bucks on something that will take care of this permanently whether it%26#039;s a dentist procedure, zoom, or whatever. Store bought whiteners whiten my whole tooth and you can still see the spot. Is there such a thing as teeth painting at the dentist or do they have something strong enough to whiten the tooth as a whole and not just make the spot whiter or what? I live in Alabama so everything is cheaper down here, money is not an object.. HELP! :*(

What is the best dentist procedure/option for my teeth stains?
this stain can be removed with the help of bleaching agent.for that u have to consult your dentist.
Reply:Teeth Cleening


How much does it cost to get a new tooth?

please give me a good answer i lost one of my buck teeth

How much does it cost to get a new tooth?
about $200.00
Reply:You will need to speak to your dentist about that. Maybe do a little calling around to other dentists also. That should give you a good figure to aim for.
Reply:Try $1200. $200 is ludicrous.
Reply:go get a free consultation at your local oral surgeon%26#039;s office.Anywhere from 2500 to 5000!! And comes with a warren tee.
Reply:did you break it off or did you knock it out by the roots?????? if you broke it off you can have one cemente3d back on by using a post drilled into tne root. cost about twio grand. if you knocked it out by the root i%26#039;ll cost you about 1500 for a partial. if you have teeth on both sides you can get a bridge for around a thousand.

you can get an implant and they run close to two grand also.
Reply:you most likely will need a bridge so it looks natural and you%26#039;ll pay about 5,000 for that
Reply:Depends. If you want to get a bridge, probably $600. With that you would have a tooth attached to a small plastic plate that attaches to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. They have to be replaced about every 5-6 years.

If you want an implant, it costs $3,000. They put a screw into the bone under the gum and attach a single tooth. It%26#039;s usually made of porcelain and would last a lifetime, if you don%26#039;t knock it out.
Reply:about 2000 dollars for an implant and then a crown.
Reply:It is very expensive. The fake tooth is anchored in and a bridge is formed to hold it to the surrounding teeth. It is hard to say on price because it depends why it fell out. If your gums are bad you will need more extensive work. I would say it can be $1,200- $1,500.

My brother lost one of his front teeth with gingivitis and needed totally scalling of the gums and it cost him $5,000 for that and the new tooth and bridge.

You need to not only brush but floss everyday to keep your gums good so you don%26#039;t lose your teeth. Life is not fun without teeth as my mother has no teeth and can only eat baby food. There goes the corn on the cob, meat, and anything hard. It sucks.
Reply:Ok first off, there are several ways to replace the missing tooth.

Here%26#039;s acouple ways to consider:

1) A %26#039;Flipper%26#039; or %26#039;Valplast%26#039; .. Both are removable appliances, to take place of a missing tooth. The materials can be of a plastic type or an acrylic material. Most patients say they are comfortable to wear, and dont notice it when its in the mouth. The cost varies of course. They%26#039;re made with different materials. Cost can be anywhere for $200-400. My office charges $250, for a Flipper. And around $350, for a Valplast, its materials are of better quality. And last longer. Or you can....

2) Get an %26#039;implant%26#039; and crown made for the missing tooth. Which is a %26#039;fixed appliance%26#039;, once its in you can not remove it. BUT.. NOT everyone can get an implant. You%26#039;ll have to see a %26#039;Periodontist%26#039; in which is a Specialist for gum tissue/bone. If you have bone loss in this area, most specialist will not recommend an implant, due to it will not hold it. But, if it can hold it... he%26#039;ll let you know. And discuss the process of getting one and the expensives it takes to do this procedure. It%26#039;s very costly. And will cost you into the %26#039;thousands%26#039; of dollars. An implant is basically a screw, placed/screwed into your bone. After this stage, you%26#039;ll then see a regular dentist about the crown to feel in the missing tooth.

3) You can also get a %26#039;Partial%26#039;.. again, which is a %26#039;removable appliance%26#039;. It%26#039;s made of die-cast metal and will cost you around $800. Most Dentist dont op for this, cause its a costly process for only one tooth and its not comfortable to wear.

4) A bridge... its where we shave down the two teeth next to the missing tooth. And we crown them all. It%26#039;ll be called a %26#039;3 unit bridge%26#039; (since your only missing 1 tooth). The crowns will be all splinted together, making it a single unit. It%26#039;s also a %26#039;fixed appliance%26#039;. Once we cement it in, you wont be able to remove it. Cost for these are around $1200. Basically, your getting charged for 3 individual crowns. Prices varies accordingly, different offices charge different prices. The bigger the office.. the bigger the charges.

So those are your options... ALL options are good. People do it everyday and arent disappointed with the outcomes.

One more thing... For %26#039;Upper%26#039; teeth, the appliances are NOT noticable. People will NOT know the difference, unless you tell them. Now, for the %26#039;lower%26#039; teeth.. only the metal partial will be noticable.
Reply:If you choose an implant, which would be a worthwhile consideration fro a front tooth, the implant would be from $1,500 to $2,000, but that%26#039;s just for the implant. You need to have the implant restored with something or it%26#039;s useless. ONE implant is typically restored with a crown, but that is a two-part deal. First you get what is called the abutment and sticks out above your gums. That can cost from $500 to $1,000 depending on whether you can use a pre-fab abutment or if it has to be custom made and what the fees are in your area. Once you have the abutment, you need a crown and that fee should be pretty much the same as a crown on a regular tooth. That would be from about $750 to $1,000 or maybe more in some areas. This means the total would range from about $2,750 to $4,000 depending on several factors. I%26#039;d say the average single tooth implant restored with a crown in New Jersey might be about $3,000.

If you use a conventional bridge, the bottom line would be in just about the same $3,000 area.

If you get a %26quot;real%26quot; partial, the fee would be around $1,000.

If you get an all-acrylic (plstic) %26quot;flipper,%26quot; it would cost $500-700 or so.
Reply:Call your Dentist and see..Costs differ from place to place..Good luck.
Reply:i lost my FRONT crown,it broke off after 18 years.cost $250.00 back then and NOW to replace the ONE tooth it cost $1571.00, in michigan.....GOOD LUCK

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At home teeth bleaching kits?

Are there any that really work? I%26#039;m a former smoker, and would like to whiten my teeth (a couple of teeth aren%26#039;t yellow but aren%26#039;t as white as I would like them to be) without paying 500 bucks upward at a dentist%26#039;s office. Has anyone tried anything that really worked? I%26#039;ve heard good things about Crest White Strips, but would prefer something that I could finish in one day. Thanks

At home teeth bleaching kits?
i saw this on the tyra show

cut a strawberry in half and rub the inside of one half all over ur teeth it really works.
Reply:If you want to do it in one day try ZOOM. Other than that Crest Renewal strips are great!


Could I get a dental implant on a front, fully functional tooth?

My teeth are fairly straight, however, I have one buck tooth. It sticks out a little. It grew over my baby tooth, and that is why. I cannot afford braces. Is it absurd to have a functional tooth removed, and then replaced by a straightened implant? Would this be cheaper for me? It seems much quicker as well. Any help? Thanks.

Could I get a dental implant on a front, fully functional tooth?
please dont extract a perfectly good tooth for an implant. Better to look into Veneers. Veneers are like a custom fitted jacket or blanket that fits over the face of the tooth and are used cosmetically to whiten or straighten teeth or close in gaps between teeth. This procedure can be done in a dental extractions, no waiting and is a better option. Talk to your dentist about veneers.
Reply:each implanted fake tooth is about 2 thousand dollars.
Reply:No, its not absurd, and would work quite well. But, as another person mentioned, it is quite expensive to have that kind of work done. For one tooth however, it would be less expensive, painful and time consuming than braces.

Best bet is to shop for a dentist or dental surgeon that does this kind of work and find the best deal you can. Just like any other business, you will find prices will vary.

Best of luck.
Reply:A titanium dental implant is usually made out of an alloy of this metal along with several other metals blended together. The most common alloy used has a ratio of 90 parts titanium, 6 parts aluminum and 4 parts vanadium

titanium implants are putting metal and a high milliamperage close to the brain. i have seen a woman who measured nearly 400 milliamps positive charge, and 30 neg charge who had three in her mouth; she paid $9,000 for them. the dr said she could have ran a stereo off her teeth. we removed them. our body runs on electrical impulses, so this can disrupt them (and brain waves). also, dentists and drs will tell you that bone grows to titanium implants. well, it will grow around it. but, it is a foreign object and the body will build up antibodies to it. over time, it will pull away from the bone and can become loose. if you will notice, they say implants last about 15 years or so. they are working on an implant made of diamond, supposed to be available in 5 yrs. but, it will still be a foreign object and pull away from the bone.


Risks of Removable Appliance / Denture Bone loss Periodontal problems (irritation of gum tissue) Wear and tear on natural teeth Possible speech problems Will need adjustments regularly Comfort tends to be an issue. Block Bone Graft of my bone from Chin, Jawbone, or Hip (High Risk) Chin This procedure requires cutting through the inside of the bottom lip (he cannot cut along my gum line) and removing the bone from your chin. I do not have enough tissue in my gum area to cover the surgical site. Tissue may be used from underneath the tongue to create the flap. The surgical site needs to be covered for at least four months. There will be a scar in front of my lower teeth and this should not bother me. If you lose sensation because of nerve damage, your muscle tone you should not be affected. You will have 1-2%26quot; along the inside of my lower jaw and chin. The area may tingle and burn, but apparently You can get used to this? Also, the surgical sites may open up and need to be addressed with antibiotics, drainage, etc. This block of bone would be held in place with small titanium screws. It will take approx. 6 months to 1 year for these grafts to heal and integrate into your jawbone and the surgical sites will be kept covered with my tissue Place 2 more implants and have all 3 implants functioning separately. It will take approx. 6 months to 1 year for the implants to integrate into my jawbone. Crown all 3 implants separately. Keep yourself strong and healthy and hope that it works for a very long time. Have frequent cleanings (every 3 months). I have decided to not use bone from my face or hip. I will attempt either cadaver or artificial bone grafting.


2.7.6. Titanium

It is generally accepted that pure titanium is extremely well tolerated by local tissues and induces neither toxic nor inflammatory reactions (Branemark et al. 1969, Toth et al. 1985, Linder et al. 1988, Pfeiffer et al. 1994). The normal tissue concentration of titanium in humans is 0.2 ppm. Around the titanium implants no clinical tissue toxicity has been observed even at local concentrations higher than 2000 ppm (Hildebrand et al. 1998). In optimal situations, titanium is able to osseointegrate with bone, thus forming a direct contact with bone at the light microscopy level (Branemark et al. 1969). The good bone contact may be due to the ability of titanium to form a Ca-P rich layer on its surface (Hanawa 1991). Titanium is bacteriostatic (Elagli et al. 1992) and does not significantly activate or inhibit different enzyme systems specific to toxic reactions, e.g. β - glucuronidase, lactate dehydrogenase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and acid phosphatase (Elagli et al. 1995). The good biocompatibility and corrosion resistance are due to the naturally forming stable titanium oxide (TiO2) film on titanium surfaces (Zitter et al. 1987, Kasemo et al. 1991).

Particles from titanium arise from the passivation layer of the implant, but they are not titanium ions, but mostly insoluble titanium oxides or suboxides, which are recognized to be biologically inert. Indeed, the passivation layer is immediately reformed after abrasion because of the high oxidizability of titanium. This behavior protects the alloy and prevents the formation of chemical compounds other than oxides (Hildebrand et al. 1998). Tissue discoloration due to titanium oxide particles is sometimes seen around pure titanium implants, but this seems to have no clinical consequences (Onodera et al. 1993, Rosenberg et al. 1993). Experiments with laboratory animals and some limited analyses of human tissues have also revealed evidence of titanium release into distant tissues (Schliephake et al. 1993, Jorgenson et al. 1997).

Wear particles produced by abrasion appear especially in the vicinity of articular prostheses and implants with certain mobility, e.g. uncemented total hip replacements. These particles may induce multiple tissue reactions, including osteolysis, degradation of normal bone structure, severe macrophagic reactions, granuloma, fibrotic capsules and chronic inflammation, which may cause destabilization and loosening of prostheses and implants (Santavirta et al. 1991, Santavirta et al. 1993, Rubash et al. 1998). Particle size and composition are of essential importance in that process. Deleterious reactions have been reported with Ti-6Al-4V based prostheses (Nasser et al. 1990, Rubash et al. 1998), but not with pure titanium implants.

In vitro, pure titanium particles have also been shown to have some effects on cells. Low concentrations may stimulate fibroblast proliferation, while high concentrations may be toxic. At high particle concentrations, titanium caused a decrease in proteolytic and collagenolytic activity in the culture medium. Titanium also elevated the lysosomal enzyme marker, hexosaminidase, except at high concentrations (Maloney et al. 1993).

J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2005 May ;87:628-31 15855362

Metal ion levels after metal-on-metal proximal femoral replacements: a 30-year follow-up.

[My paper] E Dunstan , A P Sanghrajka , S Tilley , P Unwin , G Blunn , S R Cannon , T W R Briggs

Metal-on-metal hip bearings are being implanted into younger patients. The consequence of elevated levels of potentially carcinogenic metal ions is therefore a cause for concern. We have determined the levels of cobalt (Co), chromium (Cr), titanium (Ti) and vanadium (Va) in the urine and whole blood of patients who had had metal-on-metal and metal-on-polyethylene articulations in situ for more than 30 years. We compared these with each other and with the levels for a control group of subjects.We found significantly elevated levels of whole blood Ti, Va and urinary Cr in all arthroplasty groups. The whole blood and urine levels of Co were grossly elevated, by a factor of 50 and 300 times respectively in patients with loose metal-on-metal articulations when compared with the control group. Stable metal-on-metal articulations showed much lower levels. Elevated levels of whole blood or urinary Co may be useful in identifying metal-on-metal articulations which are loose.


Zirconium dioxide implants are supposed to be the wave of the future. They are still putting a foreign body into the jaw and the immune system will launch an immune response, so they will still loosen over time (15 to 20 years) from that. Granted, it appears to be better than titanium and they are saying it is a substitute for metal implants, but with the immune response, it isn%26#039;t worth it to me.



The German chemist M. H. Klaproth discovered zirconium dioxide in 1789 although this %26quot;miracle material%26quot; with its outstanding properties has only been re-discovered in the last few decades. For instance, various types of zirconium dioxide have been introduced to dentistry as a substitute for metal. This material is attractive because of its extraordinary properties such as high flexural strength (in excess of 1,000 MPa), hardness (1,200 – 1,400 Vickers) and Weibull modulus (10-12). Yttrium partially stabilises zirconium oxide to provide these positive properties. Adding aluminium oxide boosts the flexural strength of the zirconium dioxide alloy once again. Zirconium dioxide is used for manufacturing kitchen knives, industrial cutting tools and components under great thermomechanic stress in the automobile and aircraft industry. However, it is not only very strong, it is also biocompatible so that zirconium dioxide is also used in medicine (hearing devices and artificial fingers and hips) and dentistry (pins, crowns, bridges and implants). The fact that zirconium dioxide has the same colour as teeth along with its biotechnical characteristics mean it is used for manufacturing biocompatible, high-quality and aesthetic tooth and implant reconstructions. There have only been animal experiments and laboratory examinations on applying dental zirconium oxide implants to date, meaning no long-term data exists on the clinical application of these implants.

Manufacturing Zirconium Dioxide

The mineral zirconium (ZrSiO4) is the main raw material for zirconium dioxide while melting it with coke and lime (reducing the SiO2) produces ZrO2 for industrial uses. Since extremely pure constituents have to be used for producing high-performance ceramics, special ways to synthesise it have been developed for high-purity ZrO2. This includes production with reactions in molten salts, reactions in the gaseous phase, hydrothermal powder synthesis and the sol-gel process. Gaseous phase and sol-gel process production provides powder at very small particle sizes ranging from 0.01 to 0.10 µm. This powder is then mixed with additives to create what are known as green bodies with film casting, slip casting or drying pressing. We distinguish additives such as sintering additives (that have a specific effect on the sintering behaviour and the properties of finished ceramics) and auxiliary materials that facilitate shaping. While the sintering additives stay in the ceramics, all residues of the auxiliary materials (mostly slightly volatile organic compounds along with water) are removed from the moulded component before the sintering process. The green body is passed into the raw product by sintering and ground or polished depending upon use. The sintering process can be carried out at atmospheric pressure and under high pressure and it is only with the sintering process that the moulded components receive their actual properties. The ceramic powder particles are compressed by lowering the specific surface with temperature-dependant diffusion processes with alternating components of surface, particle size grading and volume diffusion. If solid body diffusion is too slow, sintering can also be carried out with a liquid phase or under pressure, the latter being called hot pressing or hot isostatic pressing (the HIP process). The velocity of solid body diffusion can be boosted with the right selection of sintering additives. A great deal of research needs to be done here since the high sintering temperatures (in excess of 1,200° C) and manufacturing under pressure causes production costs for ceramic components to shoot up. Along with providing systematic clarification of the impact that additives have on the sintering process, there are also attempts to enhance power transmission onto ceramic components by coupling in microwaves for lowering sintering temperatures.

ZrO2 Ceramics

The properties of ZrO2 ceramics substantially pivot on the chemical composition of the material and the manufacturing process. We distinguish fully stabilised ZrO2 (FSZ „fully stabilized zirconia“) and partially stabilised ZrO2 (PSZ „partially stabilized zirconia“). It can be partially stabilised by adding 3-6% CaO, MgO or Y2O3 and depending upon the conditions of manufacturing this stabilises the cubic, tetragonal or monocline modification. Partially stabilised ZrO2 demonstrates high thermal fatigue resistance, meaning it fills the bill for use as high-temperature mechanoceramics. Adding 10-15% CaO, MgO or Y2O3 also allows cubic modification of the zirconium dioxide from absolute zero to the solidus (FSZ) and the ceramic material is thermally and mechanically stable to a temperature of 2,600°. However, its low caloric conductivity and higher thermal expansion factor as compared with partially stabilised ZrO2 mean that the thermal fatigue resistance of the fully stabilised zirconium dioxide is lower. The zirconium dioxide that is suited to use as an implant has the following composition: 95% ZrO2 + 5% Y2O3.